Hook, Line & Sinker.

January is a TV viewers best friend as most shows come back all-new episodes after the Christmas break. Repeats end and the newest stories of our favorite characters are back.

Tonight was Grey’s Anatomy’s turn and man oh man can I just say: Thank You Shonda Rimes!

**Warning Spoilers Below**

Tonight’s Grey’s was quite the return for this show and had the fan’s tears a flowing. First we had the Meredith/Alex drama and of course the Teddy/Christina/Henry storyline.

Meredith and Alex’s dead ambualnce was looking like the lesser story going into the episode but by the end its the story that pulled at our heartstrings.

We first had to see a teenager watch both her grandma & mom die right in front of her all while wondering how her dad, sister and brother were doing in surgery. Then just 4 hours into her 18th birthday she had to make the impossible decision as the now “head of the family” as she said goodbye to her dad. Lily had the entire twitterverse on overdrive as a day that should have been fun and exciting become the worst day of her life.

Then there was the whole Teddy/Christina and Henry story that made us believe that Dr. Webber said it best “Her husband died in our hospital, she’s never gonna forgive any of us”  Quite the situation that Owen gave to Christina and Sandra Oh’s and Kim Raver’s acting tonight was top notch along with all of the actors who played a major role in tonight’s episode.

For all the sadness and tears that tonight’s episode gave us, it also gave the us the usual fun that somehow every Greys episode has. That moment came at the end when Meredith and Derek got Zola back, something that every Mer/Der. back had been asking for

Tonight’s Greys Anatomy  really made up for the month long wait that us fans had to endure and make us believe that that wait was more then worth it.

Now from mine and Maddie’s perspective: Its Castle’s turn! Give us some Caskett


Choices for Top 10 Harry Potter Moments

So with the end of Harry Potter this past weekend. I decided that I would sit down and create a list of my Top 10 favorite moments from all 8 films. I slowly began to realize that this could take days trying to create a top 10 I was happy with, but I think I’ve figured one out.

Now I realize you may have a different opinion but feel free to suggest your favorites or your own Top 10.

So here we go (Forewarning – This list includes moments from the last film so if you would like to remain spoiler free skip #3 & 1)

10: Romance is in the Air(Half Blood Prince)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvDe7bGV1Dg(Harry and Ginny)

http://www.moviefanatic.com/videos/ron-calls-for-hermione/(Ron & Hermione)

The romance’s begin! Love begins to blossom in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince when:

1) Harry and Ginny share a kiss in the Room of Requirement as Ginny hides Harry’s Potions book where no one can find it. This kiss is only the beginning as everything grows from there as some of the best Harry/Ginny moments come from the final 2 films. Ginny also shows us her true feelings when she goes chasing after Harry when the Burrow is attacked. Best Moment – When Ron walks up to Harry after wards and asks if him and Ginny hid the book – Harry’s face is priceless as to what he was thinking about.

2) Ron admits his feelings for Hermione in his hospital bed chasing Lavender and her “Won Won” nickname out of the room. We finally know Ron’s true feelings about Hermione even though he doesn’t remember anything when he fully awakes and can’t figure out why Lavender is no longer speaking to him. Best moment – When Hermione looks at Harry and says shut up after Ron says her name.

9: Harry, Ron & Hermione first meet on The Hogwarts Express(The Philosophers Stone/Sorcerers Stone)


This is where the “3 Musketeers” of the wizarding world first meet and we see the instant chemistry between the 3 actors. The scene is short but the basics of the characters are shown and of course we can’t forget Ron’s pathetic attempt at magic on Scabbers.

8: The Rivalry between Harry and Malfoy(Chamber of Secrets)


We first meet Draco as the 1st years are about to be sorted but the true rivalry didn’t begin until their second year and the Duelling Club. This scene sets the stage for the rivalry between the two over the next 5 years as they butt heads at every twist and turn. From Draco spreading rumours about Potter to Rita Skeeter to Harry believing Draco was the Heir of Slytherin, both never wanted to see the best of each other as they were always out to see the worst. In the end Harry much to Ron’s chagrin is the one to save Draco’s life.

7: The End of the High Inquisitor(Order of the Phoenix)


From the very 1st moment that we meet Dolores Umbridge and her trademark pink top and skirt in the Order of the Phoenix we knew we were in for some trouble. From her cruel forms of punishment to her being ok with the use of Cruio curse, Dolores Umbridge got under every single Potter fans skin. So seeing her being given exactly what she deserved by the Weasley twins in a show of fireworks is one of the best scenes as a woman who commands order is thrown into a world of chaos and sees her beloved decrees fall before her as she’s being chased by a dragon. It’s all topped off when Grawp carries her off into the deep bowls of the the Forbidden Forest.

6: Expecto Patronum(Prisoner of Azkaban) 


We first see what Harry is truly capable of as he travels in time to produce a Patronus that protects himself and his god father Sirius. At 1st Harry believes his father is returned to help him, but as he later learns through the time traveler that he watches himself summon the Patronus that saves Sirius and his life in the Forbidden Forest.

5: Voldemort’s Rebirth in the Graveyard(Goblet of Fire)


This scene is one of those spine tingling moments in the Potter series. Not only is it Harry’s 1st contact with the true Voldemort(played superbly by Ralph Finnes) but the audience’s as well. Once Voldemort goes through the ordeal to gain his own body which includes stealing some of Harry’s blood, we realize that from this moment everything has changed for Harry and the wizarding world. Not a scene we shall forget!

4: The Prophecy(Half Blood Prince)


After dreaming about it for the entire school year, Harry learns of his fate deep and far into the Department of Mysteries. Once within the Hall of Prophecies Harry learns “The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… For neither can live while the other survives.” Harry soon realizes eventually it will come down to him and Voldemort and confirms Harry Potter as “The Chosen One”.

3: Snapes Memories(Deathly Hallows: Part 2)

Severus Snape is redeemed in the eyes of Harry and the viewer but of course it happens after his death. From a single tear all the hate we had for Snape for killing Dumbeldore is gone as we learn of his true feelings for Lily Potter and these feeling set the course for his switch over to the good side. We learn that he feels at fault for the death of Lily and therefore vows to protect her son even though her son looks so much like the man he despised.

Severus Snape ultimately in this one scene becomes the most important character in the film(other then Harry) as information reveled in his memories not only redeem his character but the info given eventually helps Harry defeat Voldemort

2: Harry Potter learns he is a wizard(Philosophers Stone/Sorcerer’s Stone)


“Your a wizard, Harry” 3 little words that changed the course of Harry’s life forever. It was the start of something magical as “Just Harry” slowly learned everything about the wizarding world. Plus Hagrid giving Dudley that pigs tail was a priceless moment.

1: Lord Voldemort is Dead!(Deathly Hallows: Part 2)

FINALLY LORD VOLDEMORT IS DEAD! In one last heroic moment Harry sacrifices himself as a way to kill 1 of the remaining 3 Horcurx, then in one of the best battles of the series Voldemorts hunger for power and the Elder Wand gets the best of him as his curse rebounds therefore killing him and with a little help from Neville who kills Nagini its the end of Voldemort as we know it. For many Potter fans seeing Voldemort blow up into pieces was the perfect as well bittersweet ending.