The People have Spoken! #PCA Winners!

This awards are in the order they were given out or announced.

Favorite Female Movie Star/Comedic Movie Actress : Emma Stone

2011 was a huge year for the Scottsdale gal with 3 big roles and we are just seeing what’s to come from her

Favorite Daytime Talk Show Host: Ellen Degeneres

Really no surprise here, the only person that could top Ellen would be Oprah who is no longer on air.

Favorite TV Comedic Actress: Leah Michelle – GLEE

GLEE may not get the ratings it once had but the fans are still strong and true and love their show. No surprise really here as Michelle beat out her fellow co-star Jane Lynch.

Favorite TV Drama Actress: Nina Dobrev

Vampire Diaries fans have some very strong willpower and tweeting power as they took the wild card in this cat. and jumped her over major network’s ABC & FOX favorite’s gals

Favorite TV Comedy Actor: Neil Patrick Harris – How I Met Your Mother

Repeat alert: Last year’s winner does it again as the the HIMYM star carries the title from last year despite some comp. from fellow CBS star Jim Parsons & FOX stars Colfer & Monteith.

Favorite Pop Artist: Demi Lovoto

The wild card in this category pulled out the win when may thought it would be a Katy Perry or Lady Gaga win. Her fan base really pulled it off esp. since they had to go against fans of Beyonce, Perry, Gaga and Rihanna.

Favorite Comedic Movie Actor: Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is the true comedy man and has always been a fan favorite. His films may have not been critics favs. but they have always been favorites with the people and really who is choosing these awards tonight.

Favorite Movie Star under 25: Chloe Moretz

The “so-called” Harry Potter award as 4 out of the 5 nominees came from the billion dollar franchise goes to the only nominee not from the Potter franchise in Chloe Moretz who came onto the film scene thanks to Golden Globe and Oscar fav Hugo. It really came down to the fact that Potter fans may have never been able to truly pick between there favorite stars.

Favorite Band : Maroon 5

Favorite Drama Movie: Water for Elephants

Wow.. Another wild card win, but I really called it cause guess who plays the lead actor. Robert Pattinson fans really pulled this one off even over Oscar fav. such as the The Help.

Favorite Book Adaptation : Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Favorite TV Celebreality Star: Kim Kardashian

Favorite TV Drama Actor: Nathan Fillion – Castle

YES!!! The Canadian finally gets his due! Nathan has been perfect as Castle over the last 3 and half years and is finally getting his dues.

Favortie TV Crime Drama: Castle

YES!! As you can tell, you know which show I voted for, just a little upset that they didn’t get there own presentation. Season 3 was certainly the best season of Castle and glad Stana got to take the award as she should get used to awards as she very well may soon be getting her own!

Favorite Comedy Movie: Bridesmaids

Best Comedy of 2011 hands down! That movie rocked it and there acceptance speech made us remember how fun that film was! Bridesmaids really only had competition from Bad Teacher.

Favorite Late Night TV Host: Jimmy Fallon

Favorite Cable TV Comedy: Hot In Cleveland

The Powers of Betty White does it again. Happy Birthday to Betty White next week who turns 90. Certainly looks amazing for her age.

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy show: Supernatural

Favorite R&B Artist: Rihanna

Favorite Movie Icon: Morgan Freeman

Favorite New TV Drama: Person of Interest

Favorite New TV Comedy: 2 Broke Girls

Best comedy of the year! CBS certainly knows how to run comedies and find them out of nowhere to become major shows.

Favorite Network TV Comedy Show: How I Met Your Mother

So pretty much any show with CBS affiliation got their award announced or given out. Plus most of the music awards were not given out live on the show.

Rest of the Awards that were not announced live on the show:

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Favorite Movie Actor: Johnny Depp

Favorite TV Competition Show: American Idol

Favorite Action Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Favorite Action Movie Star: Hugh Jackman

Favorite TV Guest Star: Katy Perry – How I Meet Your Mother

Favorite Ensemble Movie Cast: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Favorite Animated Movie Voice: Johnny Depp as Rango

Favorite Male Artist: Bruno Mars

Favorite Movie Superhero: Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Favorite Female Artist: Katy Perry

Favorite Song of the Year:  E.T – Katy Perry feat. Kanye West

Favorite Album of the Year Born this Way – Lady Gaga

Favorite Cable TV Drama: Pretty Little Liars

Favorite Hip Hop Artist: Eminem

Favorite Country Artist: Taylor Swift

Favorite Music Video: Last Friday Night(T.G.I.F) – Katy Perry

Favorite Tour Headliner: Katy Perry

So there you have it, how many of your favorites made the winners list?




How Soap Operas changed TV.

As the end of OLTL comes closer and fellow soap GH’s timeline grows smaller, I decided to look back on the shows I grew up watching with my mom every day.

Soap Operas are where the more crazy and the less reality story lines have – the better.

Soap Opera fans are known to be some of the most passionate fans in the world and will go to just about anywhere or do just about anything for the actors and actress that play their beloved characters on their favorite soaps. I still remember coming home from school every day and me and my mom would watch that day’s episodes of One Life to Live and General Hospital. Story lines such as the Aztec Adventure, WSB, Vicki and Dorian’s feud and of course super couples such as Luke and Laura, Robert and Anna and AMC’s Jesse and Angie graced our TV screen and of course annoyed the hell out the dad(which we loved).

We had our characters that we despised, hated, had a love/hate relationship, loved and actors/actress that we had crushes on(Mom had a crush on Nathan Fillion as Joey on OLTL, which is funny cause I love him on ABC’s Castle now). Soaps became like a member of the family as moms & daughters gathered around the TV and watched the daily lives of the residents of Pine Valley, Landview, Port Charles and Salem just to name a few.

Soaps have not only changed TV, but they have changed how we look at the world and the issues within it. Soaps have had story lines that not only reached out to it’s viewers but also to the general public and taught us a thing or two about each other and lead to beginnings in social change.

Soaps have had people come back from the dead, marriages that last for what seems like a millisecond and crazy story lines that make us laugh, bring us joy, upset us and make us mad as hell but also at the same time some of these same story lines have questioned public opinion or taken controversial topics and put them full face into the eyes of the general public.

We have had story lines in soap’s history that tackle those topics that are in our everyday live’s from Monica’s breast cancer storyline, Erica Kane’s drug addiction, Viki Lord’s Multiple Personality Disorder, Gay/Lesbian storyline’s such as AMC’s Bianca, OLTL’s Kyle and Oliver(known as KISH) and of course ATWT’s Luke and Noah.

There’s also story lines of rape, abuse and HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS story lines such as Robin/Stone romance opened peoples eyes to the disease and truly made the disease something people talked about instead of sweeping it under the rug.

Soaps not only changed TV on how they were made, operated or written. Many firsts in TV history happened on soaps such as One Live to Live, As the World Turns, General Hospital and All My Children and without these moments and story lines our world today could potentially look a whole lot different.

Question is now… Can our favorite soaps be saved and can they survive in this digital age.

Soaps being posted on Youtube by the networks anyone?