Hook, Line & Sinker.

January is a TV viewers best friend as most shows come back all-new episodes after the Christmas break. Repeats end and the newest stories of our favorite characters are back.

Tonight was Grey’s Anatomy’s turn and man oh man can I just say: Thank You Shonda Rimes!

**Warning Spoilers Below**

Tonight’s Grey’s was quite the return for this show and had the fan’s tears a flowing. First we had the Meredith/Alex drama and of course the Teddy/Christina/Henry storyline.

Meredith and Alex’s dead ambualnce was looking like the lesser story going into the episode but by the end its the story that pulled at our heartstrings.

We first had to see a teenager watch both her grandma & mom die right in front of her all while wondering how her dad, sister and brother were doing in surgery. Then just 4 hours into her 18th birthday she had to make the impossible decision as the now “head of the family” as she said goodbye to her dad. Lily had the entire twitterverse on overdrive as a day that should have been fun and exciting become the worst day of her life.

Then there was the whole Teddy/Christina and Henry story that made us believe that Dr. Webber said it best “Her husband died in our hospital, she’s never gonna forgive any of us”  Quite the situation that Owen gave to Christina and Sandra Oh’s and Kim Raver’s acting tonight was top notch along with all of the actors who played a major role in tonight’s episode.

For all the sadness and tears that tonight’s episode gave us, it also gave the us the usual fun that somehow every Greys episode has. That moment came at the end when Meredith and Derek got Zola back, something that every Mer/Der. back had been asking for

Tonight’s Greys Anatomy  really made up for the month long wait that us fans had to endure and make us believe that that wait was more then worth it.

Now from mine and Maddie’s perspective: Its Castle’s turn! Give us some Caskett


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