How Soap Operas changed TV.

As the end of OLTL comes closer and fellow soap GH’s timeline grows smaller, I decided to look back on the shows I grew up watching with my mom every day.

Soap Operas are where the more crazy and the less reality story lines have – the better.

Soap Opera fans are known to be some of the most passionate fans in the world and will go to just about anywhere or do just about anything for the actors and actress that play their beloved characters on their favorite soaps. I still remember coming home from school every day and me and my mom would watch that day’s episodes of One Life to Live and General Hospital. Story lines such as the Aztec Adventure, WSB, Vicki and Dorian’s feud and of course super couples such as Luke and Laura, Robert and Anna and AMC’s Jesse and Angie graced our TV screen and of course annoyed the hell out the dad(which we loved).

We had our characters that we despised, hated, had a love/hate relationship, loved and actors/actress that we had crushes on(Mom had a crush on Nathan Fillion as Joey on OLTL, which is funny cause I love him on ABC’s Castle now). Soaps became like a member of the family as moms & daughters gathered around the TV and watched the daily lives of the residents of Pine Valley, Landview, Port Charles and Salem just to name a few.

Soaps have not only changed TV, but they have changed how we look at the world and the issues within it. Soaps have had story lines that not only reached out to it’s viewers but also to the general public and taught us a thing or two about each other and lead to beginnings in social change.

Soaps have had people come back from the dead, marriages that last for what seems like a millisecond and crazy story lines that make us laugh, bring us joy, upset us and make us mad as hell but also at the same time some of these same story lines have questioned public opinion or taken controversial topics and put them full face into the eyes of the general public.

We have had story lines in soap’s history that tackle those topics that are in our everyday live’s from Monica’s breast cancer storyline, Erica Kane’s drug addiction, Viki Lord’s Multiple Personality Disorder, Gay/Lesbian storyline’s such as AMC’s Bianca, OLTL’s Kyle and Oliver(known as KISH) and of course ATWT’s Luke and Noah.

There’s also story lines of rape, abuse and HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS story lines such as Robin/Stone romance opened peoples eyes to the disease and truly made the disease something people talked about instead of sweeping it under the rug.

Soaps not only changed TV on how they were made, operated or written. Many firsts in TV history happened on soaps such as One Live to Live, As the World Turns, General Hospital and All My Children and without these moments and story lines our world today could potentially look a whole lot different.

Question is now… Can our favorite soaps be saved and can they survive in this digital age.

Soaps being posted on Youtube by the networks anyone?


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