Winter in BC is oh so much fun.

Even though the calendar says November 17th, it looks more like December 17th out there.

It may be that in provinces such as Ontario and Quebec it takes at least a foot of snow to close schools, roads etc. Here in Vancouver and British Columbia that amount of snow would cause massive panic among its residents unless up on the hills of Cypress, Grouse or other ski/snowboard resorts.

Now its a common misunderstanding that it only takes a millimeter of snow to send this city into massive panic but in reality it only takes 5. Once we get to that point all hell brakes lose – schools close, drivers forget how to drive, big puffy coats are brought out of the closet and of course the umbrellas are in our hands 24/7.

Yes it may be true that the slightest snow sends people running for the nearest tire store or into full lockdown of any unnecessary travel mode, but really it can’t be that bad can it?

Just one day into this “early” winter I’m already seeing my in for one heck of a ride…Just coming down Austin in Coquitlam about a hour into the snowfall, there’s already at least 6 cars slipping & sliding all along the road, plus 4-5 accidents already.

The one thing that’s for sure – ICBC seems to be the only ones who enjoy Vancouver Winter.


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