Good Riddance October

For the Vancouver Canucks October is as nice to them as Freddy Kruger is to his victims.

Another season, another miserable start. Coach Alain Vignaults club finished October with a 5-5-1 Record putting AV’s October record since joining the Canucks in 2006-07 at just over .500 with a 34-32-4 record.

What exactly is it with October? How exactly do the Canucks do so miserable in October and then turn the switch on when it comes up to November? I think almost every Canucks fan would like a peek into that particular Magic 8 Ball.

Well it also doesnt help that goaltender Roberto Luongo has a miserable October as well with a 30-29-4 record but thats not entirely all his fault over the six years he has been a member of the Canucks. Plus he truly makes it up with a November where he has a record of 29-16-4, including a 8-2 run.

Of course the 2011-12 version of the Vancouver Canucks were coming of a least we say disappointing Stanley Cup run, plus a major trade that brought in David Booth and Steve Reinprechit from the Florida Panthers and shook up the team dynamic in the middle of October. Still every Canuck must cheer at the thought of Halloween as the spooky day is the beginning of the Canucks change of fortunes.

But maybe , just maybe November will be just as good to the Vancouver Canucks as it has been in the past.

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