Rest In Peace Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is a man who died far too young but also a man who will be forever remembemberd for what he did for technology and with a small company called Apple and turning that company  into a multi-billion dollar company that produces iconic products just big enough to all fit on a bedside table. Products such as iTunes, iMac, Macbook, iPod, iPhone and the iPad all came out under the watchful and brilliant eye of Steve Jobs.

Demanding of himself and striving to be the best, Steve Jobs changed our lives forever with universally must have items. Creating products people from young to old could enjoy together with their sleek designs and superior operating systems as he slowly turning Apple into the most talked about company in the world.

Once, referring to hockey great Wayne Gretzky, Jobs said, “There’s an old Wayne Gretzky quote that I love: ‘I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.’ And we’ve always tried to do that at Apple.”

Steve Jobs was the leader of the technology revolution, dominating where ever his travels took him. It all started in 1986 when Jobs acquired Pixar Animation Studios(You’ve heard of them right?) The same Pixar that would go out to put out 11 straight $300B+ movies and and has grossed over 6.3 billion worldwide.

Although Pixar was great it really was the iPod that started it all, released just 6 weeks after 9/11 had struck New York, Jobs engineered a shift in the world this one being technology based. The iPod came and took Sony’s Walkman for all its worth. Jobs changed all that with iTunes and the ability to stream your songs to your iPod and all it cost was 99 cents and it was his irresistibility as a pitchman that brought the record labels so completely into line that iTunes is now the dominant player in the digital music business.

Jobs focus on making every single Apple product “insanely great” helped Apple maintain that hold on the people who fell in love with the company in the 1st place. Apples products have sleek designs and had style unlike Dell, Samsung or Toshiba’s cardboard box routine.

“Steve Jobs has a way of making people believe,” 3Com’s Metcalfe told the San Jose Mercury News in 1997. “It’s called the reality distortion field. Whenever you get near him, no matter how mean he might be, there’s this field that distorts reality. You are made to feel that if you disagree, you are a jerk.”

Steve Jobs did just that with the iPhone as long line formed at Apple stores across the county as people were buzzing about this newest Apple product and they still are. Even stores became like tech shrines and become one of the fastest growing retail company. For a decade, Jobs was the only CEO of two major American corporations, running Apple (as the iPods got smaller and smaller), and Pixar (as the box office hits got bigger and bigger).

Then once again with the iPad changing the game when it came to tablets. Apple was always the 1st with the newests info. iPads sold out in hours and Steve Jobs once again reliazed what the consumer wanted even before we were sure we wanted it

Jobs did all that through the force of his personality, which was sometimes maddeningly abrasive, and the perfection of his vision, which often seemed limitless. But now, suddenly, the bright star at the center of Silicon Valley’s universe has gone out.

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