Canucks add 2 veterans with PTO’s

The Vancouver Canucks announced today that they have signed Owen Nolan and Todd Fedoruk to try out contracts.

The Vancouver Canucks in the last 2 seasons have a vast experiance in bringing vertern players for a second, even third chance to rejuivinate their careers. 09-10 it was Keith Carney,Ronald Petrovicky and Dave Scatchard; last year had Peter Schaefer and Brendan Morrison. That season of course sits with Canucks fans as it seemed like the Canucks let the wrong player go as fans saw Morrison(a former Canuck) have a respectable season with division rival the Calgary Flames.

Out of the 2 players Nolan has the the most intriguing past and is the talk of the day with Canuck nation. Some say he’s to old(40 in Feb.), others say he still has gas left in his tank. Nolan left the NHL and the Minnesota Wild after scoring 41 goals in 2 seasons with the club as Nolan hoped to sign with a more serious Cup contender. Nolan wanted to sign with the San Jose Sharks a team he has has some of his best years with, a former captain and a city where his off-season home stands, the move backfired and Nolan ended up playing for Zurich in the Swiss League(Scoring 7G, 19A in 24 Games). Nolan has played 1200 NHL games, recording 885 points and has played NHL games for Colorado, San Jose, Toronto & Calgary so critics can’t say he doesn’t have Northwest Division experience.

So the question is can Nolan be of any use? He does bring veteran leadership, never say die mentality, grit and a big body in front of the net and could be the Canucks Mark Recchi. Plus it doesn’t hurt that he has scored 422 goals in his career but can he adjust to the NHL game once again?

Nolan was the 1st overall pick in the 1990 NHL Draft which ironically was held in BC Place, a stadium that is right across the street from where Nolan hopes to play and impress Canucks fans and make us forget for ever doubting his game.

Todd Fedoruk who sat out last season with a knee injury, last played with the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2009. “Fridge” was Anaheim’s resident enforcer in 2006 before being traded to the Flyers. Fedoruk has bounced around the NHL but has always been well liked by fellow teammates and is a player who isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Fedoruk has played 545 NHL games scoring 97 points, has won a AHL championship and brings a tough, feisty and scrappy addition to the Canucks 4th line provided he makes the team. He has never scored more then 10 goals, but loves to fight(check them out on Youtube) which is a role the Canucks have lost with the departures of Tanner Glass and Raffi Torres to Winnipeg and Phoenix. Fedoruk isn’t a game changer and can’t bring the scoring game but will beef up a somewhat weak 4th line so he could be worth a shot.

Both are NHL veterns that will bring different aspects of their games to the Canucks and both could potentiality be pieces in a Stanley Cup puzzle that the Vancouver Canucks are currently trying to complete.

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