NFL Football is back!


The NFL Owners and Players agreed on a new 10 year deal today that keeps NFL Football safe for another decade. As Roger Goodell said ” Football is back and that’s great news for everybody”.

Kudo’s must be given to the players and owners for coming to an agreement before the entire season was wiped(yes I’m talking to you NHL). The “lockout” comes to an end claiming only 1 game lost(The Hall of Famers game – who watched that again?). Otherwise all preseason and regular season games will go on as scheduled.

Outside the NFLPA’s Head Offices NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith shook hands, surrounded by some of the owners and players who were involved in the talks. Owner’s gained a higher percentage of the more than $9 billion in annual league revenues and the players can say that they were able to persuade teams to commit to spending nearly all of their salary cap space in cash and won changes to offseason and in-season practice rules that should make the game safer.

An end to this dispute looked like it was coming on Thursday as the owners approved a deal, but certain issues brought up by players keep the talks going well into the weekend and finally come Monday afternoon a deal was reached, agreed and signed until the year 2020. The new CBA can not be broken or terminated until that date eliminating the issue with the last CBA which included a “opt out clause” but now we can only say one thing:


 Now I grew up in Boston where Patriots football is big and one of the biggest thanks for having NFL Football once again goes out to Robert Kraft who with a heavy heart gave the fans exactly what they wanted the most. Because not only did Kraft help the owner’s and players agree to this deal, he did it all while tending to his ill wife Myra Kraft.

“A special thanks to Myra Kraft, who even in her weakest moment allowed Mr. Kraft to come and fight this out and without him, this deal does not get done,’’ said Jeff Saturday, a representative of the NFL Players Assocation and a center for one of the Patriots’ biggest rival the Indianapolis Colts

He added that Kraft is “a man who helped us save football and we’re so gracious for that, we’re gracious for his family and for the opportunity he presented to get this deal done. So thank you very much – we really appreciate it.’’

Saturday and Kraft then embraced, in what will be the enduring image of this often contentious labor battle.

Personally I am pumped for NFL football, don’t get me wrong I love my CFL Football and my BC Lions but the NFL is a whole anotther ballgame. Now the planning for our yearly trip begins right now. Every year myself, my brother Ryan(when not on leave), Dad and my BF Cam’s family make the yearly trip down to New Orleans to attend a Saints game at the Superdome (2 if the season’s schedule allows). This tradition was started by my dad and his college buddies and continues to this day.


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